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Development History

1. In 1989
The First Branch of Jingjiang Enamel Factory was established and it was mainly engaged in the manufacturing of 1000L glass lined equipment as well as glass lined accessories.

2. In 1992
The First Branch of Jingjiang Enamel Factory was renamed as Jingjiang Glass Lined Equipment Factory and we started producing 2000L glass lined storage tank as well as plate heat exchanger.

3. In 2000
An electric furnace used for producing 5000L glass lined vessel was put into use.

4. In 2002
We were renamed as Jingjiang Industry Enamel Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd. The glass furnace for producing 20000L glass lined equipment was put into operation.

5. In 2004
We obtained the honorary title of Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

6. In 2008
Gongtang was China's first in completing nozzle edge coating.

7. In 2010
The glass kiln for producing 50000L glass lined equipment came into operation.

8. In 2011
Gongtang was rated as one of the top ten enterprises in China's industrial porcelain enamel industry.

9. In 2013
We launched the construction of a new plant. The world-class manufacturing base of glass-lined equipment was estimated to be completed and put into use in June 2015.

10. In 2016
Dereet GongTang world glass manufacturing base for glass lined equipment has completely set up and put into operation.

11. In 2017
Aims to become a group company.

12. In 2019
Establishment of Jiangsu Tale Special Equipment Co., Ltd. and commencement of construction

13. In 2020
Director of China Chemical Equipment Association; Standing director unit of glass lining professional committee; Vice Chairman Unit of China Enamel Industry Association; Deputy Director Unit of China Intelligent Pharmaceutical Equipment Special Committee

14. In 2021
High tech enterprises; Won the honorary title of "Excellent Pesticide Equipment Supplier"

15. In 2022
Jiangsu Tale Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is officially put into production, producing 80000 liters of glass lined large reaction tank and 200 cubic meters of glass lined large storage tank. It is the largest production base in the world by using curve heating vertical enamel

Jiangsu Gongtang Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd.

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