Creative manufacturing for glass lined equipment

Gongtang, established in 1989, is a professional glass lined equipment manufacturer in China. We mainly provide 50L-60000L glass lined reactor, 100L-100000L glass lined storage tank, glass lined vessel accessories, and other related products. The glass lined equipment is made by spraying powdered glass onto metal surface and is mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In our factory, there are many types of common glass equipment, including glass kiln, glass furnace, and glass making machine, for glass making and processing. Additionally, custom-made glass lined steel equipment is available as well.


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    1. Open-type Glass Lined Reactor

      As the best equipment for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, mixing, and emulsifying, the glass lined reactor is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical ...

    1. Close-type Glass Lined Reactor

      The close-type glass lined reactor we offer is a jacketed glass lined vessel which comes with a stirring device and has a welding neck flange set on its head. Superior imported enamel is adopted ...

    1. Half Pipe Coil Jacketed Glass Lined Reactor

      Vessel type and safety: half pipe coil jacketed glass lined reactor adopts stationary heating or cooling operation, for the safety, half pipe coil jacketed reactor is safer.

    1. Open-type Vertical Glass Lined Storage Tank

      Its nominal pressure is up to 0.6MPa; the nominal volume ranges from 50 to 8000 L; and the medium temperature permitted is 0 to 150 ℃.

    1. Horizontal Glass Lined Storage Tank

      Made from superior steel and coated with quality imported enamel, our horizontal glass lined storage tank has not only high structural strength but also good chemical stability and strong ...

    1. Glass Lined Column

      Specially designed and manufactured to withstand highly reactive and corrosive industrial environments, the glass lined column is widely applied in distillation, extraction, absorption, and other process operations.

    1. Glass Lined Plate Heat Exchanger

      This plate heat exchanger can be used in the high vacuum distillation and evaporation equipment. It helps improve the pressure drop and solves the problems of enamel explosion, easy leakage, etc. With the thickness of the metal plate ...

    1. Glass Lined Multi-tube Heat Exchanger

      Manufactured from glass lined steel, the multi-tube heat exchanger is corrosion-resistant and of long service life. The enamel imported from Japan is adopted. It offers excellent ...

    1. Reducer for Glass Lined Reactor

      The reducer for glass lined reactor is used to drive the agitator inside the reactor tank, match the rotating speed, and transfer torque. The speed reducer is generally used in low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment.