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Performance of GT88 Glass

Performance of GT88 Glass

1. GT88 glass has superior corrosion resistance. In resisting the corrosion of boiling hydrochloric acid, GT88 performs 3 times better than ordinary glass, while in resisting hot sodium hydroxide solution, it is 2.1 times better.

2. GT88 glass has excellent resistance to abrasion, adhesion, and mechanical shock, so the equipment with GT88 glass coating is easy to clean and maintain.

3. The perfect bonding ability of GT88 with carbon steel ensures excellent flatness and enjoyable blue luster of glass lined surface.

4. GT88 glass is sintered with the advanced electric furnace control technologies up to international standard. The quality of each batch of enamel powder is strictly controlled, so as to avoid any product defects.

5. Made from domestic local raw materials based on the imported glass formulation, GT88 glass has similar physical and chemical properties as imported original glass. After years of practice, GT88 has been recognized by users. Its corrosion resistance has met the requirements of some high-end customers. In terms of the warranty period, GT88 is in line with international common standard. Hence, customers can rest assured in using the glass lined equipment with GT88 glass coating.

Physicochemical Property Indicators of GT88
Technical Indicator Unit of Measurement Test Standard Reference Value Test Data
1 Resistance against boiling HCL corrosion g/m2·d GB/T 7989 ≤1.6 0.4
2 Resistance against hot NaOHcorrosion g/m2·d GB/T 7988 ≤5.0 1.5
3 Mechanical shock resistance 10-3J GB/T 7990 ≥220 290
4 Thermal shock resistance GB/T 7987 ≥200 213

Note: The test data in the above table is obtained by testing the glass lined specimen according to relevant testing standards.

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