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Gongtang is a specialized glass lined equipment manufacturer in China. we choose the glass imported from abroad, and we are able to produce 50L-60000L glass lined reactor, glass lined storage tank, and other related products. As one of the top ten enterprises in China's industrial enamel industry, Gongtang is capable of meeting the customization demands of different customers.

Company exterior
  • Vessel forming
  • X-ray non-destructive testing
  • Tank polishing, to remove the
    oxide layer and impurities on surface
    of the steel plate
  • Flange thermo-forming
  • Vessel head hole forming
  • Automatic shot blasting machine,
    for completely removing the
    surface oxide layer of steel billet
  • Head polishing, to remove surface
    oxide layer and grind weld
  • Head enameling with
    high-performance imported
    pressure sprayer
  • Tank enameling

  • Glass firing
  • Product testing
  • Glass lined equipment sent to
    domestic customer
  • Glass lined equipment sent to
    overseas customer

Jiangsu Gongtang Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd.

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Tel.: +86-523-89110022
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