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Project Cases
  • Glass lined equipment in Russia
  • Glass lined equipment in the USA
  • Glass lined equipment in Vietnam
  • Production site for japan customer
  • Production site for Taiwan customer
  • Production site for American customer
  • Production site of glass lined
    equipment for Taiwan customers
  • Service personnel guides the
    installation and commissioning
    of glass lined reactor in Thailand
  • Production site of glass lined
    equipment for U.S. customers

  • Japanese customers check and
    accept equipment
  • On-site installation of glass lined
    equipment in Japan's DAIHACHI
    Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Installation and commissioning of 1000L glass-lined reactor in Taiwan
  • 8000L reactor debugging for Dupont
  • 630L reactor installation for a Russian client
  • 50000L reactor installation and debugging
  • 30000L half-pipe coiled reactor for Yangnong

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