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Glass Lined Reactor Accessories | Glass Lined Vessel Accessories | Glass Lined Equipment Accessories

    1. Reducer for Glass Lined Reactor The speed reducer is generally used in low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment. The power from motors, internal combustion engines, or other high-speed rotating equipment is applied to the input shaft of the reducer. The gear, with a small number of teeth, on the input shaft meshes with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of speed reduction.
    1. Glass Lined Flush Valve The glass lined flush valve we offer can be designed with the flange interface which complies with Chinese standard, American standard, or Japanese standard as per customer needs. A PTFE seal ring is used for the sealing of valve element and the inner surface in contact with materials is glass lined.
    1. Mechanical Seal for Glass Lined Reactor The mechanical seal for glass lined reactor is a kind of oil seal for rotating machinery. As the transmission shaft runs through the glass lined reactor, there is circumferential clearance between the shaft and the reactor. The media in the reactor leaks out through the clearance.
    1. Glass Lined Agitator Our glass lined agitator is made of glass lined steel plate. We provide our mixing device with reasonable structural form and structure parameters under the guidance of mixing theory and related theories in fluid mechanics.
    1. Glass Lined Manhole This maintenance hole can reduce labor intensity and prevent the glass lining on the surface of manhole cover from being damaged by frequent opening and closing of the manhole cover, thus extending the service life of the overall equipment.
    1. Glass Lined Nozzle By using the glass lined nozzle, the problem caused by nozzle edge corrosion is resolved and the service life of the overall equipment is prolonged.
    1. Glass Lined Pipes and Fittings We provide a variety of high-quality glass lined pipes and fittings, such as nozzles, straight pipes, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, flanges and rings.