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Reducer for Glass Lined Reactor

The reducer for glass lined reactor is used to drive the agitator inside the reactor tank, match the rotating speed, and transfer torque.

I. Classification
1. Cycloidal speed reducer
2. Vertical helical gear reducer
3. Horizontal bevel gear reducer
4. Parallel shaft helical gear reducer

II. Working Principle
The speed reducer is generally used in low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment. The power from motors, internal combustion engines, or other high-speed rotating equipment is applied to the input shaft of the reducer. The gear, with a small number of teeth, on the input shaft meshes with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. The ratio of the number of teeth on the large gear to the number of teeth on the small gear is the transmission ratio. An ordinary reducer often has several pairs of gears for ideal slowing effect.

III. Matching Mechanism
1. Motor
a. General motor, explosion-proof motor
b. Inverter motor, non-inverter motor
c. YB2, YB3 energy-saving motors

2. Rack
a. BLD rack for cycloidal speed reducer
b. RF rack for vertical helical gear reducer
c. KF rack for horizontal bevel gear reducer
d. FF rack for parallel shaft helical gear reducer

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