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Glass Lined Heat Exchanger

We offer two types of glass lined heat exchanger, glass lined plate heat exchanger and glass lined multi-tube heat exchanger. These heat transfer devices are applied in the industrial incinerator, flue gas desulfurization system, and other industrial equipment.

The glass lined tube used in our heat transfer equipment is treated by automatic electrostatic powder coating. High sensitivity sensors of this coating line monitor the tube surface in full time, ensuring qualified coating thickness and no pores.

    1. Glass Lined Plate Heat Exchanger The glass lined plate heat exchanger is suitable for use in the condensing and cooling of highly corrosive fluids in the chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, light industry, and other industries. If the gasket made of food grade rubber is adopted, the glassed lined steel condenser can also be applied in the food industry.
    1. Glass Lined Multi-tube Heat Exchanger There are boiling, condensation, and other heat transfer processes in the production lines in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These require choosing appropriate equipment according to the type of liquid, the operating conditions, and other factors, so as to meet the production needs.

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