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Glass Lined Plate Heat Exchanger

The glass lined plate heat exchanger is suitable for use in the condensing and cooling of highly corrosive fluids in the chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, light industry, and other industries. If the gasket made of food grade rubber is adopted, the glassed lined steel condenser can also be applied in the food industry.

Since the flow cross-section is small and the flow rate is high, heat transfer rate is improved. Also, this cooling equipment consists of multiple independent metal plates, so installation and disassembly are convenient. The damaged metal plate can be replaced separately, thus prolonging the service life of the entire equipment.

1. This plate heat exchanger can be used in the high vacuum distillation and evaporation equipment. It helps improve the pressure drop and solves the problems of enamel explosion, easy leakage, etc.

2. With the thickness of the metal plate reduced, the flow rate of cooling water is increased. The adopted six-hole design ensures uniform fluid distribution. Hence, the heat transfer efficiency of our glass lined plate heat exchanger is improved by more than 50% than that of the standard condenser with the same area. Also, our product is difficult to scale.

3. Our heat interchanger is equipped with the gasket with the thickness of 10 mm. The gasket enjoys small expansion and shrinkage and it is able to withstand high pressure, suitable for high vacuum sealing.

4. The heat exchange area of this condensing equipment can be changed by increasing or decreasing the number of the metal plates for assembly, which is very convenient.

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