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Glass Lined Reactor

The glass lined reactor is such a pressure vessel that is made by spraying powdered glass which contains high concentrations of silica onto the internal surface of a steel container. After repeated high-temperature calcinations, at around 900℃, the glass firmly adheres to the metal surface.

Combining the glass's stability and the metal's strength, the glass lined vessel is excellent chemical equipment. It has smooth surface as well as strong resistance to wear, heat, shock, and corrosion, widely applied in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, dye, pesticide, and other industries for mixing, hydrolysis, emulsification, neutralization, and crystallization.

Our glass lined vessel comes with an agitator, and it is easy to use and maintain. It is available in a complete range of specifications and we can also make non-standard products according to the requirements of customers.

1. The glass lined reactor we provide has standard size in both metric and imperial measurements. Its diameter, height, thickness, and other parameters can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.

2. Our reaction kettle is designed with standard nozzle layout. The nozzle size, configuration, and arrangement can be customized as well.

3. Multiple types of agitator are used, including frame type, anchor type, impeller type, hydrofoil type, pitched blade type, etc.

4. Our glass lined reactor is equipped with the conventional jacket or the half-pipe coil jacket. Non-jacketed reactors are also available.

5. The reaction vessel is sprayed with different varieties of enamel to meet different process requirements. The product warranty period varies between 9 and 18 months according to the enamel used.

    1. Open-type Glass Lined Reactor The glass lined reactor is made by spraying glass powder which contains high concentrations of silica onto the internal surface of a steel vessel. After reasonable high temperature sintering, the glass powder firmly adheres to the metal surface, forming a composite material product.
    1. Close-type Glass Lined Reactor The close-type glass lined reactor we offer is a jacketed glass lined vessel which comes with a stirring device and has a welding neck flange set on its head. Superior imported enamel is adopted, ensuring the quality of the reaction vessel.
    1. Half Pipe Coil Jacketed Glass Lined Reactor The half pipe coil jacketed glass lined reactor enjoys wide applications in the dye, food, pesticide, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Jiangsu Gongtang provides you with excellent glass lined reactor with half-pipe coil jacket.

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