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Glass Lined Storage Tank

Gongtang storage tank is made of glass-lined steel, a multi-functional construction material that combines glass for chemical stability on the inside surface and steel for structural strength on the outside. Thanks to the nature of glass-lined steel, our storage vessels
-have excellent corrosion resistance
-enjoy long service life
-do not affect the purity, flavor or color of the stored substance
-are easy to maintain

Barrier to Corrosive Items
Our glass lined storage tank is subjected to 20 KV spark test (7 KV for site acceptance test) to make sure full coverage of enamel on the inner surface of steel. This helps build up a formidable barrier against inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent, and weak base of different concentrations. The only exceptions are strong base, hydrofluoric acid, fluorine ion containing medium, as well as phosphoric acid with concentration above 30% and temperature over 180℃.

Protector for Neutral Materials
Thanks to the inert glass lining, no contamination occurs during storage. The purity, flavor, and color of the stored materials are completely unaffected. Materials like latex, resin, viscose, etc. will not adhere to the smooth surface.

Easy to Maintain
With smooth surface, our glass lined storage tank is easy to maintain. Little time is required for a thorough clean.

For materials that solidify at room temperature, heating plates can be added to the outer surface of the glass-fused-to-steel tank to preheat the materials.

Standard Size and Customization
Our horizontal glass lined storage tanks as well as open-type and close-type vertical glass lined storage vessels are available in a variety of sizes. We can also produce non-standard glass lined equipment according to customer requirements.

    1. Open-type Vertical Glass Lined Storage Tank This storage vessel is made from steel and painted with glass coating, so it combines the rigidity of metallic materials and the corrosion resistance of inorganic nonmetallic materials. The tank surface is smooth and it has a certain degree of thermal stability as well as good chemical stability. Hence, the properties of the substance stored in this vertical tank will not be affected.
    1. Close-type Vertical Glass Lined Storage Tank The external quality can be checked by visual inspection and instrument testing, while the internal quality depends on whether the molding, welding, surface treatment and other processes are reasonable as well as whether the quality control of each process is strict.
    1. Horizontal Glass Lined Storage Tank In designing storage and reaction vessels for chemical and other industries where corrosive media are usually dealt with, corrosion resistance is a key consideration in the selection of materials. The corrosion resistance of materials will affect the design life and the quality of the final product. It may sometimes have a negative influence on the chemical reaction.

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