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Mechanical Seal for Glass Lined Reactor

The mechanical seal for glass lined reactor is a kind of oil seal for rotating machinery. As the transmission shaft runs through the glass lined reactor, there is circumferential clearance between the shaft and the reactor. The media in the reactor leaks out through the clearance. If the pressure inside the reactor tank is lower than the atmospheric pressure, air will leaks into the reaction tank. Therefore, there must be a shaft sealing device to prevent leakage.

Since the mechanical seal features small leakage and long life, it is currently the most common shaft seal for glass lined reactors.

Our company offers four types of mechanical sealing device for you to choose from and we can also provide GMP-compliant dry mechanical seal.

ZHM2009 Type
This cartridge mechanical seal for glass lined reactor can adapt to a variety of highly corrosive granular media. It is equipped with parts of high universality and the transmission is non-directional.

Technical Parameters
Pressure: 0.1~0.6Mpa
Temperature: -10~180℃
Shaft speed: ≤2m/s

221 Type
This shaft seal can withstand acid, alkali, and other highly corrosive media.

Technical Parameters
Pressure: 0~1.0Mpa
Temperature: -40~120℃ (250℃) When the temperature exceeds 120℃, a cooling water tank is required.
Shaft speed: ≤2m/s

ZHM221 Type
This end face seal has a cartridge type structure and the transmission has no direction. With a leakage collector, this sealing device will not pollute the materials.

Technical Parameters
Pressure: 0~1.0Mpa
Temperature: -40~180℃
Shaft speed: ≤2m/s

212 Type
This mechanical sealing device is able to withstand various gaseous media with no suspended particles except HF.

Technical Parameters
Pressure: 0~10.4Mpa
Temperature: -10~120℃
Shaft speed: ≤1.5m/s

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